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Assarmatori is the home of shipowners operating in Italy which creates for the first time a strong center to represent the maritime industry, at the national and international levels. Assarmatori gives a strong and clear voice to its Members for the maritime industry which is the backbone of maritime transport serving the country.

The recognized authoritativeness of Assarmatori enables our Members to have a strong voice before national and international decision-makers and bodies while we provide our Members with expertise in a unified response across every facet of the maritime industry because we are The Association for our Members.

Becoming a Member of Assarmatori will give you access to our 360° expertise in the shipping industry, as well as access to a well-structured and extensive network of contacts in the shipping field while being expertly represented and having a voice that is heard nationally and internationally.

Assarmatori represents group of shipowners operating over 600 ships with a global average of 20.000 employees.

The Association is open to two categories of Members. Ordinary associates are those companies that operate a maritime transport service for passengers and goods established in Italy or carrying out their activities with ships flying the Italian flag. Standing associates are those maritime companies that maintain regular services of maritime transport of passengers or goods in Italy, even if they are not based in Italy. Assarmatori is also joined by companies, with no right to vote in the assembly of the association, operating in the maritime transport field and who are engaged in such shipping related activities as insurance, brokerage, ship-management, ship-manning, and the like.

To discuss the value of Membership to your company or to meet our team, please contact Mrs. Federica Busanna, send an email to: