State-Of-The-Art Simulation Suite

Assarmatori offers the state-of-the-art simulation suite for its Members. Which is one of the most sophisticated and complex navigation simulators available in the market. The Simulation offers a is a complex station dedicated to the training of future deck-officers as well as future ship masters of cruise ships and cargo ships.

The simulation suite offers state-of-the-art services using a real-time maritime simulation technology that includes:

  • Full-mission ship’s bridge simulator.
  • Two 360-degree tug simulators.
  • Advanced dynamic positioning bridge simulator.
  • Six basic dynamic positioning simulators.
  • Six ship operations cubicles and an 18-seat electronic chart display lab.
  • Full mission engine room.

The maneuver simulators are used for port development research and investigation, ship maneuvering, improving ship and port safety and efficiency, training seafarers and teaching undergraduates.

The simulation facilities bridge the gap between practice and theory as an effective aid to training and provides a competency assessment of ship masters and deck officers. Students learn about ship-handling, passage planning and the use of radar, electronic charts, automatic identification systems, automatic radar plotting aids and more.