Information Technologies

Assarmatori offers qualified consultancy services in the for information technologies (“IT”) sector for its Members. Such services include:

  • Handling reporting activities on changes (including issues related to passive and active invoices from/to all Interchange Systems “SDI”, GDPR issues and for “spesometro” or VAT in Italy);
  • Selecting IT and TLC framework agreements proposed to Members that contain costs and share knowledge;
  • Managing and coordinating technical partnerships among the Members to exploit economies of scale and specific skills regarding the use of leading-edge technologies, with the prevailing goal to reduce shipping costs;
  • Providing specialist IT staff assistance to Members who do not have such IT staff;
  • Analysing the impact of regulatory service agreement provisions against the IT corporate costs of the Members;
  • Defining IT guidelines for updating personnel to use the latest technology (with particular attention to the opportunities offered by the sectoral financing market envisaged and allocated at EU level on education);
  • Providing specialist advice in the field of legal disputes in the IT sector;
  • Providing specialist advice in institutional relationships with national and international Authorities with possible implications in the IT field such as referred to in Directive (EU) 1148/2016 (the so-called “NIS Directive”).