What We Do

Assarmatori promotes the development of all shipping companies in the maritime industry, making itself the spokesperson of policy that enhances maritime transport for Italy. It represents its Members to improve conditions and investments for more and more efficient services and for the development of new technologies – taking care of the representation and the protection of its users with institutions and administrations, both nationally and internationally. All this, by offering to its Members continuous assistance on legislative and regulatory, technical, economic & social and training issues.

Assarmatori acts to:

  • Ensure that the views of its members are properly presented and listened to by the national and international governing bodies and institutions.
  • Work at the heart of policy development and decision-making to ensure that its members are able to benefit from most advanced shipping and technical know-how.
  • Enhance the awareness and the centrality of the Blue economy before the public and the decision-makers so to create the necessary assumptions for its improvement and expansion. Assarmatori’s policy and parliamentary activities include providing briefings on policy issues, participating to select committees and responding to Government consultations.
  • Regularly meet with parliamentarians from all parties to inform them about the industry and its contribution to the wealth of the Country, as well as to provide expert input to any policy or regulatory discussion.
  • Maintain a dialogue between Members and provide support to them in dealing with the politics and the public administration at all levels.
  • Inform members of any legislation, regulation or standard practice that can affect the maritime business in Italy and globally ,and actively tackle any affecting issue in a manner which would otherwise be impossible for a company to handle alone.
  • Conduct, as an employers’ association, collective bargaining negotiations with seafarers Unions in Italy.
  • Develop, as founder and partner of leading merchant, navy training schools across Italy and actively cooperates with Italian and EU Institutions to promote seafarer education.