Our Mission

Assarmatori is an Italian shipowners’ association based in Rome, Italy. Members include both national and international shipowners and ship operators which, regardless of their flag State, work within the Italian maritime cluster.

Assarmatori represents a large part of the merchant fleet registered in Italy and some of the major shipping operators which maintain regular shipping services in Italy contributing to the overall Italian maritime cluster.

As a national shipping association, Assarmatori is concerned with all technical, legal, environmental, safety and training, employment affairs and trade policy issues that impact on ship and port operations.

We give voice to shipowners and operators on key maritime issues to improve business conditions and support investments for more efficient maritime services and development of new technologies.

We represent shipping interests at the national and international levels, especially with the EU’s institutions, governmental and intergovernmental bodies, international shipping associations and other key players and stakeholders.

Assarmatori’s goals are to:

  • to maintain a dialogue between Members and to provide support to them in dealing with the politics and the public administrations at all levels in Italy and abroad.
  • to foster a level global playing field to promote a competitive and open business environment in Italy in order to enhance the Blue Economy.
  • to ensure that every kind of maritime service is properly represented, giving protection to international operators owning transport lines, operating terminals or passengers’ stations in the Italian ports.
  • to ensure that the views of its members are properly presented and listened to by the national, European and international governing bodies and institutions.
  • to conduct, as an employers’ association, collective bargaining negotiations with seafarers Unions in Italy.
  • to promote sustainable technical development through the application of innovative systems that reduce the environmental impact of emissions.